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Social Network Marketing Services

Social media marketing is the practice of promoting a business and connecting with existing and potential customers using social media platforms and tools. The intended outcomes can vary from abstract ones (such as branding) to very specific ones (such as selling products through social commerce).

We also provide social media marketing services as Global Atlas Advertising Organization. We manage social media networks on your behalf and create social media campaigns that perform best for your business.

We provide services to our customers on the following platforms:






Our social media marketing services include:

  • We create your social media strategy and competitive analysis.
  • We identify your target audience, competitors, goals and metrics and guide you on how to succeed on social media.
  • We prepare your social media content.
  • We produce high-quality content and visuals to share on social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
  • We make sure that your content reflects your brand, adds value and generates conversion.
  • We manage your social media ads.
  • We use your social media budget to increase your reach and direct targeted users to your website or landing page.
  • We track conversions and key metrics.
  • We monitor your social media engagement. We follow and respond to the comments, likes, shares and messages that come to the content you share on social media.
  • We communicate with your followers and make them loyal customers.

The general roadmap we follow in our social media marketing services consists of the following stages.

1- Determining Customer Profile and Target Audience Profile

We determine the products and services that our customer sells. Then we determine the target audience accordingly.

2- Setting up and creating accounts on platforms

We open accounts on platforms that can reach the target audience in a way that suits our customer, and enter the personal and corporate information into these accounts.

3- Determining Campaign and Marketing Activities

We determine the pictures of the products and services sold, the campaigns to be made and create the calendar of these activities.

4- Informing about how to use the accounts

We train our customers on how to use professional tools on social media platforms.

5- Account Management (Optional)

If our customers do not have enough time due to their business activities, we manage their accounts on behalf of our customers with our professional team members as atlas media advertising promotion, according to the targeted marketing strategy.


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