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Hardware Pc Services

Whether at home or at work, computers and smart phones, tablets have become an indispensable part of our lives in today’s world. Therefore, it is very critical to integrate the right system for your needs into your business and to meet your commercial activities and daily needs in this way. Nowadays, most businesses carry out a large part of their commercial activities through computer and internet. For these transactions, we provide you with all kinds of professional support in determining the right computer system and devices (Printer, Scanner etc.) for the right computer and internet and network systems for your needs, and to perform your office operations quickly and smoothly. In addition, we also offer maintenance and repair services for the existing systems and devices in your hands as atlas agent. We provide you with the most suitable solutions for your budget according to your needs and prepare them for you in the most suitable way and provide technical support. If you have an installed system and devices (computer, printer, laptop, tablet and smart phone), we also provide maintenance, repair and technical support services for them.




Computer technical service services are services offered by professional and experienced technicians to solve any kind of problem that may occur on your computers. Computer technical service services provide maintenance, repair, update, upgrade and protection of your computers.

We provide you with all kinds of support you need to ensure that your computers work smoothly and efficiently. These are:

  • Computer installation: We do computer installation for you when you buy a new computer or move an existing computer. Your computer’s operating system, drivers, software and settings are correctly installed and configured.
  • Computer repair: We do computer repair for you when a hardware or software failure occurs on your computer. We diagnose the problem of your computer and offer the best solution. If necessary, we restore your computer to its original state by replacing parts or backing up.
  • Computer maintenance: We do computer maintenance for you to increase the performance and lifespan of your computer. We do cleaning, dusting, fan control, disk defragmentation and cleaning, virus scanning and deletion, security updates and more for your computer.
  • Computer upgrade: We do computer upgrade for you to make your computer suitable for your needs. We increase the speed, capacity and quality of your computer by changing or adding components such as memory, processor, hard disk, graphics card, sound card etc.
  • Computer protection: We do computer protection for you to ensure the security of your computer. We install and update a reliable antivirus program on your computer. We also take security measures such as firewall, encryption, backup etc. on your computer.

If you want to benefit from our PC Hardware Support Services, you can contact us using the contact form below.


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